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“If anything positive can come of the death of Philip Seymour, it’s that.His death doesn’t make sense unless you accept that addiction is an illness. Otherwise, you think ‘hang on a minute why he’d do that?He has been sober for 11 years.“I look to solve inner problems with external things,” he explained.”I'll use anything to stop myself feeling, and as a little kid I was very lonely and confused.“Anything that could temporarily relieve that, I was very grateful for.The sketches by Vic Reeves - who flashed a fake penis before the 9pm watershed - and Bob Mortimer was also branded "cringeworthy" and "unfunny", while a series of technical glitches left viewers on edge.In third place for complaints was a March 6 episode of Emmerdale, with 275 viewers complaining about violence after Aaron Dingle's prison ordeal played out on screen.Comedian Russell Brand has opened up about his ill-fated marriage to pop star Katy Perry.In a candid interview with John Bishop, the 41-year-old says fame contributed to the end of their relationship while expressing his joy at becoming a first-time father.

Good Morning Britain nabbed fourth place with 181 complaints for its interview with far-right activist Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the English Defence League, broadcast on June 20.

Despite the massive backlash, Ofcom reviewed the episode and opted not to investigate further, stating that Ms Holden's choice of attire "would not have exceeded most viewers expectations".

Meanwhile this year's "awful" BBC One Comic Relief coverage attracted a total of240 complaints for "crude language" and "sexual references", as well as Russell Brand's exclamation: "F***ing hell! Those watching the marathon show were hiding behind their pillows from the horrors on their screens, including Graham Norton forcing Cara Delevingne to talk about having sex on a plane in front of her own father.

Next he became “infatuated with pornography”, before discovering drugs.

The show is part of Oprah's new television series, which premiered in the UK on TLC last night and continues every Thursday throughout May.“I don't know if it's to do with my personal circumstance, a single mum and feeling like we didn't have a lot of money,” he said. For me, I couldn't cope with being me.”He attributes his drug and drink issues as a way of coping with “external things”.

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Judge's outrageous low-cut gown drew twice as many complaints this year as the Beeb's 'awful' Comic Relief coverage - and more than six times as many complaints as BGT got for wardrobe choices in 2016.