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Elon Musk, the Tesla founder, confidently muses about the colonisation of Mars.

But in a remarkably unguarded moment, he tells Herzog that he never remembers his dreams, only the nightmares.

And what some take to be a lack of humour on the native Bavarian’s part (he has long lived in LA) is really an admirable refusal to descend to sarcasm.

, a 35-minute documentary about texting while driving, at the behest of AT&T and other telecommunications companies.

There is a patience to Herzog’s documentary work, and a reluctance to judge.

Each of the documentary’s 10 chapters explores some facet of our digital lives: the rise of robots, the fear of electromagnetic waves, the internet’s founding legends.

He talks to the Catsouras family, whose matriarch calls the internet “the manifestation of the antichrist,” and to Leonard Kleinrock, a computer scientist from the University of California at Los Angeles whose work on ARPANET in the 1960s allows us, today, to finish an Excel report while streaming the cast recording.

’s Jessica Bennett, who helped make this story a national outrage.

Trolls gonna troll, but why they decided to troll a grieving family is impossible to understand. Herzog did not look at the photos of Catsouras – and this is a man who once listened to audio of a man being devoured by a bear.

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Standing in the plain room where the very first message over a rudimentary version of the internet was sent (an aborted missive from which the film takes its name), Kleinrock marvels at the “delicious old odor” of the ancient machine, which for him – and for millions of others – might as well be the Shroud of Turin.