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Mando Pony also co-wrote the script and music for the fanmade animation Epic Wub Time, as well as being in charge of the storyboard for that animation.

In the summer, he played mandolin for show musician William Anderson on a short cue for an episode of the third season; however, Anderson ended up not having any role in the episode at all, as Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews received the only music credit.

The lyrics concern two people, one male, one female, who are ridiculed and put down for attempting to counter the cynicism prevalent in "this world of ours".He was one of several brony musicians mentioned specifically by the Friendship is Magic's primary song composer Daniel Ingram during a Skype interview at Bro NYcon 2012.He was a guest host for an Everfree Radio interview with show composer William Anderson, who complimented him on his work.His pony-related work ranges from acoustic covers, instrumental karaoke pieces and remixes of the show's songs to original music inspired by the show, both vocal and instrumental.Mando Pony's output is quite versatile, spanning genres as diverse as dubstep, chiptunes, techno, country, pop, rock, and classical music.

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