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There can be more than one cabinet in your exchange area, so the map may show that fibre broadband is available in your exchange area where it has not yet reached your cabinet.The availability of superfast fibre broadband is subject to the products available from your internet service provider, and can be affected by technology constraints specific to your individual circumstances.These terms may be updated periodically and you are advised to check it on a regular basis so as to be aware of changes.

We prefer contracts because we want commitment from our List Owners that they have a legitimate list of subscribers and are not one time “spammers.” Our contracts are yearly; however, if during the first three months of service with us, you decide to leave, you will not be obligated for the year.

Discover the benefits It’s one of the questions we get asked the most; “What date am I getting faster broadband?!

The site and the services provided via the site (collectively "Services") enable users to re-connect with old classmates and to expand their professional network, all within a trusted environment.

Does your system automatically send out emails in both html and text format so that it appears in the correct format dependant upon the reader's browser capabilities (e.g.

if their browser can read html, it automatically displays in that format)?

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Or do I need to segregate my list between text only people and html people?

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