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Best option for consolidating debt

By comparison, online lenders are often self-regulated.We found that this translated to a simpler approval process.The best rates will only be offered to borrowers with the strongest credit history, but having the option for a low APR is key — especially when you consider a lender like Net Credit’s APR starts at 34% and goes all the way up to 155%!As you shop around for a loan, you will see both APR and interest rates advertised.If you’re balancing so many different payments that you have trouble keeping your due dates straight — or if your interest rates are hindering your ability to pay what you owe — consolidation can be a quick step towards simpler payments and lower interest rates.A debt consolidation loan is a personal loan that you can use pay off existing debts and then pay back, in turn, over a 2-7 year period.The two major charges (APR and origination fee) fall within a range for each lender, with the exact percentage they offer you dependent on your credit score plus other factors like employment status and cost of living in your area.In other words, even if Lender A advertises 5%–30% APR and Lender B offers 6%–36% APR, Lender A won’t necessarily end up offering you a better package than Lender B.

The other comes with 13% interest, but no origination fee.Saxman, who has USAA car insurance, highly recommends it, along with the similar Navy Federal Credit Union.No lender has one set of terms it gives everyone — it’s up to you to find which lender is best for your financial situation.These two attributes are related, but not the same.APR (short for annual percentage rate) is more comprehensive, including both your interest rate your origination fee.

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Borrowing money is personal, so the exact rates and terms available to you depend greatly on your financial history.