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Without psyco the simulation runs for 62 sec, with it for 19 secs (still using time instead of timeit, though!:) This is for about 230 in for the inner and outer loop, respectively.regards Steve -- Steve Holden 44 1 1 8 Holden Web LLC Con TX 2006 From wmcdonald at Mon Jan 23 2006 From: wmcdonald at (Will Mc Donald) Date: Mon, 0000 Subject: Testing for the presence of input from stdin. I think that's preferable, and simpler :), than implementing timeouts. /c From lmeier at Thu Jan 12 2006 From: lmeier at (Layne Meier) Date: Thu, -0500 Subject: Can't compile Message-ID: I am having a problem trying to get Python 2.4.2 to compile on my Sun Solaris 10 system. I'm currently doing this with a bit of code that looks something like this: filename = "test.lwc" outfile = open("test_out.lwc", 'w' ) readfile = open(filename,'r').readlines() for line in readfile: outfile.write(line) outfile.close() Is there a way I can do this, but retain the UNIX EOL characters?I've even tried adding CC=gcc to the configure file or even tried running the command ./configure --with-gcc This is what is happening: MAILBOT:root:8: Python-2.4.2:# ./configure checking MACHDEP... Cheers, Nick _________________________________________________________________ Are you using the latest version of MSN Messenger? bokr at Mon Jan 30 2006 From: bokr at (Bengt Richter) Date: Mon, GMT Subject: webbrowser module urls ending in = a security hole?

In-Reply-To: the object itself, not by thinking about Python's high-level behaviour.I believe one can restrict modification to pointer/reference parameter passing to C function, so C programmer shouldn't have problem knowing that reference doesn't not necessary mean you can modify it.From luizgeron at Fri Jan 20 2006 From: luizgeron at (Luiz Geron) Date: -0800 Subject: How to generate graphics dynamically on the web using Python CGI script?-tkc From greg.kujawa at Mon Jan 9 2006 From: greg.kujawa at (gregarican) Date: -0800 Subject: Py Qt Access Violations References: Phil It's version 2.3.0 non-commerical for Windows. Using this same version of Qt for a Ruby-based implementation of a similar app I didn't experience the access violation crashes when invoking the set Central Widget() method. Thank you, Layne Meier Atlanta, GA From nickpython at uk Wed Jan 18 2006 From: nickpython at uk (Nick Wain) Date: Wed, 0000 Subject: Retaining Unix EOL when reading/writing in windows Message-ID: Hello All, I'm relatively new to PYTHON, using PYTHON 2.4 on Windows XP. I've asked some other people in my office who are more experienced in PYTHON, but they can't help.It's sporadic, as the crashes sometimes take 2-3 widget opens/closes to happen. Trying to debug the crashes the script never makes it past this method. Watson error log: function: QGList::find Ref 39d2dd42 807c240800 cmp byte ptr [esp 0x8],0x0 ss:00c09513=00 39d2dd47 7407 jz QString::from Utf8 0x8a (39d36850) FAULT -39d2dd49 8b4108 mov eax,[ecx 0x8] ds:00cd9f51=48001500 39d2dd4c 33d2 xor edx,edx 39d2dd4e eb06 jmp QString::from Utf8 0x90 (39d36856) 39d2dd50 8b4110 mov eax,[ecx 0x10] ds:00cd9f51=48001500 39d2dd53 8b5114 mov edx,[ecx 0x14] ds:00cd9f51=48001500 39d2dd56 56 push esi 39d2dd57 85c0 test eax,eax 39d2dd59 740e jz QString::from Latin1 0xb (39d36869) 39d2dd5b 8b30 mov esi,[eax] ds:007ad4d8=00858340 39d2dd5d 3b742408 cmp esi,[esp 0x8] ss:00c09513=00000000 39d2dd61 7406 jz QString::from Latin1 0xb (39d36869) 39d2dd63 8b4008 mov eax,[eax 0x8] ds:012873be=00000000 *---- The Pywin32 package wraps the interfaces used to read and write these properties. There are actually two different ways that metadata is stored. I have a number of files created in UNIX that have the UNIX end of line (EOL) character.

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Anyhow, I am wondering if it would be possible to write a python script that would login to a password enabled site (qmailadmin) and then be able to add a new account.

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