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Aelian de natura animalium online dating

In his short, but very comprehensive paper Hammond rejected two earlier theories about the identity of the Astræus: that it was either the Axios or the Aliákmon rivers [12].

Both rivers are in the area discussed by Ælian, but the Axios is a large river and bore the same name in ancient times.

The only clue to the river's position was that it was "Between Berœa [2] and Thessalonica." During the past few decades there have been many attempts to identify which modern river can claim to be Ælian's Astræus, but this research has been difficult and from a reading of published work it is still not clear which river it might be.

This theory seems unlikely, as in Ælian’s time this river was known as the Scirtus and there is no compelling reason why he should not have known of it, not least because of the problems it caused with its periodic flooding of the Via Egnatia, of which more later.

D.), often called Ælian, mentioned fly fishing for trout for the first time [1].

He explained that it was practiced on the river Astræus in Macedonia; a Roman province at the time.

It is worth mentioning that on Findlay’s historical map yet another place called Berœa can be found in an area which is a part of modern Bulgaria, but this is far from Stara Zagora and both places are very distant from Thessalonica (Stara Zagora, for example is more than 300 km away).

Jardine’s Berœa was in fact an ancient Thracian, rather than Macedonian settlement that in Roman times became Augusta Trajana and was subsequently called Irenopolis by the Byzantines.

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His other name was Aeolus, and his wife was Eos, the goddess of dawn.

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